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XX Angels

Women need that first check, that first backer, that first statement of confidence in their idea. We’ve been in your shoes and pushed for gender equality within our companies. We’re expanding our reach.

97% of venture capital funding goes to men. 89% of investors are men.

These decision-makers often struggle to identify with female-targeted products and women founders. That means too many cutting-edge ideas are undercapitalized from the outset and never reach launch phase, curbing innovation. XXAngels focuses on the plethora of women-founded investment opportunities that are not getting seed capital. As founders ourselves, we understand the importance of bringing aboard that first investor who believes in you and your idea.

This enables you to open your round and pitch to other investors as a backed entrepreneur. Bridging the funding gap starts with that first check. Not only is this the right thing to do, but from an economic standpoint, there are many overlooked products and ideas, envisioned by tremendously entrepreneurial savvy women, that solve problems in huge, untapped markets.

Thinking Big

We look for disruptive, outside-the-box thinkers, even if their ideas involve longer timelines and higher risk levels.


We empower our entrepreneurs to develop the autonomy they need to face challenges head-on, while also working with them to become successful leaders of teams.


Meeting investors and fellow founders is critical for new entrepreneurs. We’ll connect you with like-minded investors and get your name out there.

We are XX Angels

The Future is Female.

In our companies, our advisors believe in us and our independence, but step in when we need advice. We’ll do the same for our mentees.


Companies Invested

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CTA for Form

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