Elizabeth is an academic-turned-entrepreneur powered by sterling credentials and philosophy to remove ego from company decisions.

Elizabeth is co-founder and CEO of Conjur, a disruptive DevOps focused security company, sold to CyberArk, the market leader, for $42M in 2017. Prior to Conjur, Elizabeth also served as Chief Data Officer at Generation Health, which sold to CVS Caremark. Elizabeth holds a P.h.D. in epidemiology and planned to remain in academia or public service. In fighting for research dollars and building innovative teams, Elizabeth developed essential startup skills. She began raising money for her brainchild Conjur, just 10 days after giving birth to her youngest child. Elizabeth currently advises other women founders who are now coming out of the academic environment apply their skills to the startup world and how to balance family and startup life.

Elizabeth is proud of the culture she cultivated at Conjur and assists women innovators in engaging authentically as women, especially in the cybersecurity field which is dominated by men.

When Elizabeth is not developing her next big idea, she competes in off-road races. She built her own street legal Rally Car- that she sometimes drives to soccer practice.